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As social entrepreneurship continues to evolve, we need to be as innovative and create as possible about how we address our end goals. In other words, we need to discover the best way to offer our assistance to social enterprises from all over the world and lift the people out of poverty. These are not our words, but the words of the executive director of Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University, Thane Kreiner.

Measuring the Impact of Social Entrepreneurship

There is no doubt that one of the biggest challenges in the business world is how to measure the impact of social entrepreneurship. Not only we should measure the impact of social entrepreneurship but also we should measure the impact of social businesses on the communities they serve. We also need to keep into consideration the factors that lead to specific outcomes.

Harvey Koh, the managing director of FSG asked – Is social entrepreneurship really making a scrape in the big issues facing the world today. There is no doubt that this year, 2017, would be a perfect time to talk about this.

The chief innovation officer for Acumen, Sasha Dichter, oversees the company’s work in the spread of ideas and in leadership. He said that in 2016 he saw an appetite for effecting measurement that was cost-effective, fast, and useful to entrepreneurs. According to Sasha, in 2017, we will begin to experience a widespread adoption and of Lean Data and other similar approached to effect measurement. For the first time, we will start to hear the voice of the users we are serving.

The financial returns, in any given year, can go up and can go down. When they go up, we feel great and when they go down, we feel awful. The measured impact has dryness, whether you look for a carbon reduction or a social impact. However, the values alignment or the procedure of aligning our values with our investments can go up each and every year, until 100% is reached.

This steady process is a result of psychic income to the investor, an investor that check the emotional dryness of investing and brings happy news and lasting joy.

It is always about understanding how societies operate and function!