The fact is, 83% of the information a human brain processes comes in through our sense of sight. If that is the case, there truly is more to shopping than meets the eye. Our eyes are greedy when it comes to assimilating information in comparison to our other senses.

If you have ever stopped to pay attention to the importance of the visual aspect of a store you will see the immense reaction (positive or negative) it evokes in shoppers. Floor space is one the highest overhead cost for a retailer. As such, every inch of that space ought to be optimized with appealing displays in order to maximize profit.

Visual merchandising is focused on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a product or store to lure in customers and increase sales.

How you can utilize merchandising to boost sales

  • Review display colors

Color has the power to evoke strong emotions and influence how your product is perceived. Our brain make up has an interesting response to colors. Blue and green have a calming effect whereas red and orange are arousing to the senses.

Associative memory becomes your friend because people are more likely to recall a color over an object or product. A consumer will take slightly above a minute of interacting with a product before deciding to buy, 60 % of that assessment is based on color.

  • Optimize signage

Signage in a store can be used to direct, inform and promote. Signage makes amazing store engagement with customers without a spoken word, thus filling the void when staffers are engaged with other customers during peak times. In fact, they ensure that there is a continuous shopping guide for a customer.

The human average attention span being eight seconds, you want to make sure everyone in the store is being guided promptly and with ease to items that they are interested in.

  • Lighting

The overall atmosphere of your store is dictated by how you use light. Lighting can help draw customer attention to specific store areas that you want to highlight. Lighting has an interesting psychological aspect on consumers. Customers spend more time in areas of the store that have warmer lighting and sales in those areas tend to increase by 1.93%.

Learning more on how to utilize light in conjunction with merchandising will have an impact in increased sales.

  • Establish a hierarchy

Probably the oldest and simplest trick in the book is product arrangement in different heights to capture customer’s interest and boost engagement with the product. A uniform display lacks contrast, appears flat (no pun intended) and does not arouse curiosity.