4 Disruptive Marketing Trends You Should Avoid

Following the newest marketing trends is really important! However, following the wrong marketing trends could destroy your business! Here are 4 disruptive marketing trends you should avoid!

As a business owner and successful entrepreneur you probably know how important it is to follow the newest trends on the market. You also need a strong base of business vocabulary for your business online. These are usually offered by companies such as Shopify. It is what will separate you from the crowd and will ensure you are moving and building business into the right direction.

We think that we can all agree with the fact that we live in a highly competitive business world and it is really hard to stay on top, especially if you are running a small business. The hard work and dedication are not enough to fight the competitors and attract the attention of your customers. Being successful is not an easy job and requires much more than just working hard and being dedicated to your daily business tasks. It also requires following the marketing trends.

Every year there are different marketing trends, which means that you need to stay up to date so you will know which one to use and which one to avoid. In order to make things easier for you, we’ve decided to present you the disruptive marketing trends you should avoid. If you follow these trends you will harm your business and you could destroy it for good.

Here are the 4 disruptive marketing trends you should avoid

Mobile will be the dominant and leading platform

The smart devices such as smartphones, watches, tablets, glasses, wearable gadgets, microchips, and etc. will remix and reshape the marketing world. As we move to a world of smart devices, the marketing strategies will strike up to an even more personalized communication and relationship with customers. Those businesses and entrepreneurs who can do it faster than their competitors will definitely lead in this growing category.

Transparency will be a part of all successful business customer relationships

It is no secret that customers are looking for more engagement from the businesses and brands. The businesses who are locked into a traditional broadcast model are slowly falling. According to a research, by 2020, the customers will have an even bigger expectation of transparency. The authentic businesses, on the other hand, will include those that admit their mistakes and they will be heavily rewarded. The same goes to the companies that will make the social responsibility a primary part of their culture. This type of actions help establish a meaningful connection with their target customers.

Content is the new currency

Well, believe it or not, the content is the new currency. There is a book that explains this new trend. In this book, it is clearly explained that content (the entertainment and the educational content) is a key part of many people’s lives and that the content will not change in the nearest future. But, the content is not static, and different forms such as video games, virtual reality, 3D, and 4D are issued on various platforms that involve Xbox and Oculus Rift. This is one more area where disruptive marketing can build a new standard for content.

Social networks will become an ecosystem to oppose the original Internet

The social media networks have a potential to become the channel or another Internet in and of itself. There are places where individuals are connected based on their unique needs and these placed are growing by bounds owing to broadband, mobile and content found on social media networks.
Don’t forget to avoid all these 4 disruptive marketing trends and follow the right ones!

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